Sculpt! was created to mold and shape your body. It gets rid of imbalances, removes soft spots and restore your natural shape which is unique to you.
Imagine your body is clay and it's given to a famous artist to mold. 

In order to change the current shape of the clay he has to Sculpt! it. He will trim some here and shave off a bit there. Then he'll develop and perfect the curves, contoured lines and defined muscles on each area of her body.  When he is done, in front of him will be a solid sculpted body as firm as can be. 

This is how your body changes but it needs something more than cardio. If you've tried workouts and classes and never saw our body shine like this, realize it wasn't your fault. 
And YOU CAN create a lasting toned, firm and beautiful body!


Boosts your metabolism in daily life
Ability to burn over 1000 calories in each workout
Restores lean muscle
Enhances contours and curves 
Remodels trouble spots
Builds a firm and toned body
Improves flexibility 


Melts excess fat - fast!
With Torch's DOUBLE BLAST!
Torch’s 30 minute hard hitting power, plyo and strength infused pump! It is designed to compliment Sculpt! and continues to shape and remodel your body in the process. The in-class and post-class calorie burn is extremely high which will Melt! tons of fat right off your body!

  •  Highest in-class blast calorie burn class at Torch
  •  Only 30 minutes 
  •  Major post exercise calorie burn 
  •  More rest times between bursts 
  •  Custom designed and planned workouts for optimal results 
Class length: 30 minutes


Your Tightest, Leanest and Strongest Core Ever!
This 30 minute strength and power session for your core is designed to develop “bulletproof” abs. You’ll see and feel the strength that comes with this training and have your abs looking better than they’ve EVER looked before!
Core! is a steady rhythmic class and never has any down time as you do dynamic flexibility in between sets. This means you’ll be lengthening and reshaping your muscles so you can develop superior flexibility and continue to iron out nagging injuries or rusted spots in between sets.
All areas of your core, your abs, bum, obliques, and low back will be targeted to create a rock solid body! 


  •  Stronger and more shredded abs 
  • Core muscles shining brightly through your skin
  •  A firmer and more shapely bum with specify moves to engage it fully
  •  A more attractive torso (lengthened and perfectly upright)
  •  Fun and whacky ab moves to keep you smiling while building a rock hard torso
  •  Specific low back exercises to build an unbreakable back, or repair a weak one
Class length: 30 minutes


Confident. Empowered. Athletic.
The premiere lift in the gym which empowers, builds and develops an athletically superior body. This one move helps you restore power and flexibility to the days of your prime, or even better!
it helps you perform better in other sports and in all other Torch classes. As well as in daily life.
This is a skill-based class which allows confidence and skill to blossom, which in turn teaches you a move which has the power to burn more calories than any other move in the world. There is no move more powerful in the gym to do so many things in one fell swoop.
And none more empowering.
This class will teach both the snatch and clean and jerk with much emphasis on the snatch.
Here’s some of what you experience:

  •  Skills to burn extreme amounts of calories in only a few short minutes
  •  A move you can do anywhere in the world when you are traveling and get in a killer workout!
  •  High levels of confidence as you get better and better
  •  A sense of joy and accomplishment (natural high) as you master this move
  • Video analysis so you can see yourself in action and learn what to correct
Class length: 45 minutes